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Cotton On & Co. Perks

  • What is Cotton On & Co. Perks?

    Cotton On & Co. Perks is a free rewards program designed to allow us to thank you for your loyalty and reward you for shopping across our five brands. Perks members receive a $10 voucher for ev...

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  • What do I need to sign up?

    You can sign up to Cotton On & Co. Perks online here, or head in to store. You will need to provide: Your first name and last name A personal email address We also ask for your date of birth, the...

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  • Do I have to provide an email address?

    Yes, your account is linked to your email address, so you cannot be a Cotton On & Co. Perks member without one. We recommend signing up with a personal email address that's not likely to change. If...

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  • Can I opt out or cancel?

    You wouldn't want to opt out of Cotton On & Co. Perks emails, as they keep you up to date on your exclusive offers, events and most importantly, your rewards! You can, however, manage which brands ...

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  • Where do I get a Cotton On & Co. Perks card?

    Pick one up in store from any of our brands. Simply ask one of our team members for assistance. Find your nearest store here.

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  • Can you send me a new member card?

    We’re not able to mail out a member card however the team in store can issue one the next time you visit. You do not need a card to continue to earn points when shopping online.  To earn points onl...

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Promo/Coupon Codes

  • How do I enter my promo/coupon code?

    Promo codes can be entered via the my bag page by selecting "Apply a promo code" and entering the code provided.  Please note that promo codes are case sensitive.  Code not applying? See My coupon...

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  • My coupon / promotional code doesn't work

    Having trouble with a promo code?   If your promo code won’t apply or you get an error message, check whether the following applies to you: You’ve already used the code. Our promo codes can only b...

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  • I didn't receive my 'Welcome' promo code

    To be sure that you receive your welcome promo code, it is best to use your personal email rather than a work email address. Workplace email accounts may have security settings that prevent our ema...

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